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With Paul Ryan in Iowa, Vets want to know where do possible GOP presidential candidates stand on renewable fuels

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New full-page ad from veterans informs Iowans, and urges support for home-grown renewable fuels

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – With Paul Ryan coming to town, a new full page ad in the Cedar Rapids Gazette from the veterans group,, highlights where candidates stand on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which supports our national security, Iowa farmers and home-grown renewable fuels.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently reviewing the RFS.  Ryan, according to the ad, does not support the continuation of the RFS. 

The ad can be seen here: 

The ad features visuals of a soldier in action, and corn fields, framing pictures of each of the most talked about potential GOP Presidential candidates, and details of where they stand on the issue of the RFS.

“With Paul Ryan in Cedar Rapids today, it’s clear that those who may seek to be our next Commander in Chief will be spending plenty of time in Iowa. We want them on the record: where do they stand? After all, producing fuel in the Midwest not only helps our economy and environment — but also cuts the amount we have to import from dangerous parts of the world like the Middle East,” part of the ad reads. 

The facts back up the ad.  Congressman Ryan has been a longstanding opponent to the RFS, and specifically ethanol.  He voted against the 2008 farm bill, and said, “Congress quintupled the ethanol mandate. I did not support that.”

Although the United States often does not directly buy oil from hostile nations, like Iran, America’s dependence on oil drives up demand, and prices of oil on the world market, which benefits all oil-rich nations.  Those oil dollars allowed Iran, for instance, to produce and ship Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) to Iraqi insurgents, who used them to target our troops.  

The ad is the latest in a long-line of actions taken by in support of the RFS.  The group has blanketed Iowa with television ads totaling over $650,000, ran a full-paged ad demanding that Senator Ted Cruz explain his opposition to the RFS, and collected over 120,000 petition signatures, calling on the EPA to keep the RFS in place.  That petition was hand-delivered to the EPA by VoteVets officials and Congressman Bruce Braley.