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VoteVets Relaunches Television Ad in Opposition to Pebble Mine

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$100,000 Buy Will Saturate Alaska Airwaves, as EPA Nears Decision on the Project

ANCHORAGE, AK – As the Environmental Protection Agency takes initial steps towards stopping the Pebble Mine project, the veterans’ group,, is re-releasing a powerful new television ad, today, featuring an Iraq War Veteran and commercial fisherman, opposing the project in Bristol Bay, on the grounds that it will threaten tens of thousands of jobs, many of which are held by veterans.  The ad buy will saturate the area airwaves with 1000 points on broadcast and cable, for a total of $100,000, and will run for one week. 

The ad can be viewed here: .  A full script is below. 

The ad features Random Reamey, an Iraq War Veteran from Dillingham, AK, who is also a commercial fisherman.  In the ad, following footage of a violent IED explosion, like was seen in Iraq, Reamey says, “That’s the kind of mine I was up against for two tours in Iraq.  Here’s the kind I’m fighting today. Pebble Mine.”  Footage when shows examples of mining waste, as Reamey continues, “If built, scientists say it could create ten billion tons of waste.  Even a small leak could wipe out the fish…and kill over ten thousand jobs.  I fought for my country overseas.  I shouldn’t have to fight a foreign company to protect my job here at home.  Look, I support mining, but not this one, not in Bristol Bay.”

The facts back up Reamey’s words.  After an exhaustive three-year study, the Environmental Protection Agency found that Pebble Mine would significantly threaten the region’s salmon run in the near and far-terms, impacting the thousands of jobs that rely on the salmon.  Even if no accidents happen, up to 94 miles of streams would be destroyed in the mere build-out of the project, including losses of between 5 and 22 miles of streams known to provide salmon spawning and rearing habitat.  Part of the design for the project are dam walls designed to hold up to 10 billion tons of waste – including toxic waste.  A small leak would significantly impact the salmon fishery.

Earlier this year, Senator Mark Begich announced his opposition to the project, as well, stating that the project presented, “too many potential long-term impacts to a fishery that is pretty critical to that area but also to Alaska, to world markets." has stood against Pebble Mine for months, collecting 25,000 petition signatures calling on the EPA to use its authority under the Clean Water Act to stop the project.

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