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Share Cheers Hagel Decision to Review Drone Medal

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WASHINGTON, DC - Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has reportedly ordered a review of the new Distinguished Service Medal for drone operators, in light of complaints about the medal out-ranking the Purple Heart., the largest progressive veterans group, with over 220,000 supporters, had been lobbying for a change in the medal's standing.  The group received over 5000 responses to an email soliciting opinions of the new medal, for Secretary Hagel, with the overwhelming number supporting a change in where the medal ranks.  The group also has written extensively about the issue, including in a Huffington Post, which can be read here.

In response to the news today, Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of, released the following statement:

“Secretary Hagel’s decision to review the Distinguished Service Medal for drone operators shows exactly why we supported him for Secretary of Defense.  As a recipient of two Purple Hearts, and a brother with three, Secretary Hagel knows the kind of sacrifice it takes to be awarded a Purple Heart, and that it doesn’t seem right to place this new medal above the Purple Heart. 

Having a former grunt who served in war at the top in the Pentagon means a deeper understanding of those who are serving our nation, right now.  The decision he’s made on this medal just demonstrates the closeness he feels to those who served and sacrificed for America.”

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