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U.S. Senate – Texas

MJ Hegar for Senate

MJ Hegar for Senate

MJ Hegar was raised in Leander/Cedar Park from the age of seven, graduated from Leander High School, and then went on to attend The University of Texas at Austin. From a young age, she showed a desire to serve her peers by pursuing leadership positions. From Class President to cheerleader, mascot, band member, varsity tennis player, and President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she has always been proud to represent her team.

From the time MJ saw Han Solo navigate the asteroid field in Star Wars, she wanted to be a combat pilot. The insurmountable odds involved in making that a reality only motivated her to charge ahead and show that it was possible. After three tours in Afghanistan as a rescue helicopter pilot, being shot down by enemy fire, defending her crew and patients, and earning a Purple Heart, MJ returned home to embark on another “impossible” mission.