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U.S. House – Hawaii 2

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Currently, Tulsi Gabbard serves as a Councilmember on the Honolulu City Council, representing over 100,000 constituents within the urban Honolulu community.  Previously elected to the Hawai‘i State House of Representatives at the age of 21, Tulsi earned the distinction of being the youngest legislator ever elected in Hawai‘i, and the youngest woman ever elected in the nation.  She withdrew from an easy re-election campaign when she volunteered for an 18-month long deployment to Iraq with the Hawai‘i Army National Guard in 2004; its first major deployment since the Vietnam War.
Upon returning home, she attended the Alabama Military Academy’s Officer Candidate School, and became the first female Distinguished Honor Graduate in the academy’s 50-year history. Tulsi went on to serve in the U.S. Senate as a Legislative Assistant for Senator Daniel K. Akaka.  After two years in Washington, DC, Tulsi deployed to the Middle East a second time, and served as a Military Police platoon leader. Part of her mission included providing training to the Kuwait National Guard’s Counter-Terrorism Team. For this work, she became the first woman ever to receive an award from the Kuwait National Guard.
She is also Vice President and Co-founder of a successful environmental nonprofit, Healthy Hawai‘i Coalition, which focuses on grassroots organizing and advocacy, and education programs for our youth.

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