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Aaron Scheinberg for Congress

Aaron Scheinberg for Congress
According to his bio, Aaron graduated from West Point in 2003 with degrees in Engineering and Arabic, and deployed to Iraq as a Platoon Leader with the 4th Infantry Division in 2005. In Iraq, Aaron led a platoon of 20 men into combat in the “Triangle of Death” region before being promoted to Civil Affairs Officer. In this role, he managed development of a 200,000 person city in Haswah, Iraq, building schools, roads, water purification units, electricity grids, computer labs, and a technical institute out of a former weapons plant.
After returning home, Aaron studied business and worked in the private sector before continuing his service helping build and lead The Mission Continues, a national veterans nonprofit. There, he helped thousands of veterans reintegrate to civilian life by leading community development projects in 40 locations across the country.